New Updates all around for Clicker.

crickThere have been lots of updates and new releases happening for many of the Crick Software solutions – I thought I had better bring you up to speed with some of the new improvements.



You may have heard me talking about the newish Clicker apps in recent blog posts such as New Crick apps – from the masters that bring you Clicker! and The Clicker apps in ACTION! so I won’t get too carried away again today – but they really are worth a look if you are supporting students at any level who struggle with writing.

Clicker Sentences is a fabulous early writing tool that helps you build sentences with whole words. The update to Clicker Sentences version 1.1 includes the following improvements:

  • Dropbox support within the app
  • Words highlight when spoken in the model sentence
  • Improved pronunciation
  • Improvded opening of files from email

Clicker Docs is a writing tool that provides differentiated support for students of all abilities. It is so easy to create customised word banks with picture support if required, and use the word prediction feature, depending on the needs of your students. The update to Clicker Docs version 1.1 includes the following improvements:

  • Talking spell checker
  • Dropbox support within the app
  • Improved opening of files from email
  • Improved pronunciation
  • Words from the word bank you are using are included in the predictions
  • Swiping can be turned off, allowing tap forward and back arrows instead
  • A show touches option shows a yellow blob each time you touch

Get access to both of these updates through the iTunes App Store.

The consultancy team at Spectronics have been busy creating some content for these Clicker apps, relevant to the Australian context. Have you checked out Learning Grids? It’s a great site full of premade activities for all of Crick’s software and even a growing collection for the new apps. Better yet – within Clicker 6, Clicker Sentences and Clicker Docs there is now instant access to these Learning Grids from within the software and apps without the need for logging on to the site separately and downloading the activities.


Clicker 6 is a tried and tested favourite, a literacy support tool that enables students of all abilities to achieve reading and writing success. For more information on the features of Clicker 6 see my blog post, Clicker 6: My Favourite Things.

The brand new update 6.16 includes:

  • The ability to load Document, Sentence Set and Word Bank files made in the new Clicker Apps
  • The ability to convert existing Clicker Sets into Sentence Sets (for use in Clicker Sentences) and Word Banks (for use in Clicker Docs)
  • Improved “Word Bank” wizard – easily create word banks containing separate topic grids, similar to Clicker Docs
  • The ability to select which webcam to use
  • Improved dictionary for spell checking

Get access to this update by heading here.

So, as I said – lots happening at Crick. Even more improvements and features available for supporting your students and their individual needs.


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