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Now that the Spectronics Inclusive Learning Technology Conference 2012 is just days away I have been busily preparing for the workshops I will be presenting. In one of our sessions we’ll be showing the APPlicator which is a new switch interface, also known previously as the Switch4Apps. This has just become available through Spectronics recently.

Jane wrote a thorough review of this switch interface here so you can find out about all the great features.

But I’d like to highlight how much fun I had learning how to use it for controlling my music on the iPad. With other interfaces I’ve struggled with entering PIN codes for bluetooth so I was impressed that this interface paired with the iPad easily and no PIN codes were required. Phew! Within minutes I was playing my favourite songs and if I went into another app I could also control the music from there too. If you’re using your switch interface for scanning within a communication app you can easily change between using it for music or for communication by using the QuickMedia button. The wide range of programmed switch modes means that it works with all of the current range of switch accessible apps – making it a great choice!

I could see people of all ages and abilities using this interface to control music or access a communication app. Whether you are an elderly person struggling with small music controls on the iPad, a music loving teenager with cerebral palsy who uses switches to access devices, or a young child who is just developing their cause and effect skills – it could be an appropriate option to consider. Or if you are like me – I’m playing with it because I am just a technology lovin’ gal!

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About Charlene Cullen

Charlene has worked as a speech pathologist, supporting people with complex communication needs and learning disabilities for the past 15 years. She has worked in a variety of roles within the Disability Services of Western Australia, including Senior Speech Pathologist, Rural and Remote Resource Therapist and Regional Team Manager.

Charlene is a trained Key Word Sign (formerly Makaton) presenter, certified Hanen It Takes Two to Talk presenter and a member of the Apple Consultants Network. Charlene is also an official Proloquo2Go / Proloquo4Text trainer, and TBoxApps Trainer for Therapy Box.

Charlene has developed strong skills in and a passion for, the area of AAC and assistive technologies. She enjoys presenting workshops and providing consultancy services to support and educate parents, teachers and therapists in the use and application of inclusive technologies.

Charlene is a full time member of the Professional and Consultancy Services Team at Spectronics.

AGOSCI State Representative for Victoria (2012-present); Key Word Sign Victoria committee member (2012-present).

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