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How to start receiving tweets from the Conference Committee?

Visit www.twitter.com/ILT2012

Log in using your twitter account details, or create a new account if you don’t have one.

If you then click the follow button at www.twitter.com/ILT2012, all tweets sent by the Conference Committee will appear in your stream of incoming tweets.

How to send a tweet to the Conference Committee?

Add the words “@ILT2012” in the What’s happening message box and this automatically tells twitter that you want to send a message to ILT2012. Then just type your message, hit the ‘tweet’ button and your post will appear in the ILT2012 tweet feed. The Conference Committee will see it instantly and be able to respond to you if you have made a request.

Want to talk about the conference to someone else without sending a note directly to @ILT2012?

That’s fine! In fact, we would love you to do so! Just add the hashtag #ILT2012 somewhere in your tweet text box. Others will then be able to see what you are saying by searching on this hashtag and will be able to share their thoughts with you too. We will be using this #ILT2012 hashtag for all twitter conversations in the lead up to the conference – and during the conference as well! Think of it a bit as a keyword search to keep track of any chat about the conference anywhere on twitter.

If this all sounds a bit confusing, but you would like to get on board with Twitter before the conference, we have found this article really helpful! “Mom, this is how Twitter works: Not just for Moms!“ If you need any further advice, contact Eliza Bale our Conference Convenor, or Barbara Landsberg, her trusty offsider for all conference stuff.

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